an ode to my body

Five years ago, some might say, I had the abs of people’s dreams.
But if you had asked me then, I would have told you that there was more work to be done, it seems.
In my 20s, to my body, seldom a kind word to her I’d speak.
Though I had an inkling that my strength was hidden underneath my “toned physique”
On that Grecian holiday a seed was planted deep within
I had no idea how changed I’d be by journey that was about to begin
My belly stretched in ways I never knew it could
And I started to see that all I had been told was actually a falsehood.
You see, I’ve never felt stronger than in those few moments after birthing my baby earth side
Though my belly was the softest it’d ever been, I’d never known such pride.
Two hearty baby boys have been nurtured from within me
And I stand in amazement of my transformed body that I now see.
You know, women are strong and the divine feminine has power
But our strength sometimes comes from openness, just like the will of a flower
To expose it’s petals, like I am doing here
Even though I brings me tremendous fear
So while my body will never look like it did before,
I am grateful for her brawn and vitality and softness that I adore. 💛

Story behind my ode: Ok, a little #throwback had me reeling about how much my body has changed. So I wrote a poem about it. Thanks for humoring me if you are at the end of this post and still reading. You are the best, love you!

before and after belly

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