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Sundays 12-1:15pm Prenatal Yoga at Yoga Pearl

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Yoga for Optimal Mental Health | Saturday April 20th | 2-4pm | Yoga Pearl

The landscape for addressing and treating mental health is changing and beginning to acknowledge what yogis have known for thousands of years, that the practices of yoga are there to support us in finding wellness in mind and body. This workshop is a time to dive into the practices of yoga and mindfulness that are here to help iYoga Pearl (082 of 206)mprove your mental health. We will look at the common ailments (like anxiety and depression) that impact our mental health and how your yoga practice can assist you to find relief and increase your mental resilience.

 Transformation and Healing: a yoga workshop for the postpartum time

Saturday April 13th | 2:30-4:30pm | Zenana Spa